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Jo's complaint against The Co-operative Food

Jo Hanson


[LAPSED] Large lorry driver nearly ran us off the road twice on purpose

Complaint against The Co-operative Food

Today sunday 5th of march.. we were driving along the M8 in our motorhome when we came to the diversion near Baillieston at aprox 3.30pm.. one of your very large lorries were in the right lane.. he then came into the left lane whete we were and misjudged the space (or so i thought at time) and we had to slam on breaks so he didnt take us out.. further along the m8..we must have over taken him at somepoint as he soon appears in the right lane again... this time he comes up the side of us we were no more than half way back along his lorry.. and he tries to pull in! We had to swerve and blast the horn.. yet to my disbelief...he indicates for a few seconds and starts pulling in AGAIN! After knowing we were there.. we overtook him and he starts swearing and pointing..untill he saw i was recording then he stopped and smiled.. i had 2 children with us.. i am absoloutly shaking with anger at how a families life could have ended due to the stupidity of 1 driver.. which i dont even think he is allowed to be in the fast lane in that size of lorry??? I wont let this drop..i have his picture and reg plate..

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The Co-op | | VERIFIED

We're very sorry to hear of this. Please can you contact us via phone or email so we can look into this. Here's the contact details; Thanks ^Sophie

Jo Hanson | | VERIFIED

Will do.. thanks

The Co-op | | VERIFIED

No problem ^Sophie

Jo Hanson | | VERIFIED

This was pointless btw.. ive had no response... as usual ..big companies ignore complaints like we dont matter.. Shame on you co op!!! Ill be going to trading standards and newspaper now

The Co-op | | VERIFIED

Do you have the reference number of your complaint for us to escalate? ^Sophie
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