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Lillian's complaint against The Co-operative Food

Lillian Camden


[LAPSED] Staff are always unfriendly

Complaint against The Co-operative Food

I often got to the post office in Ronkswood where I live, to draw some money to pay my bills but yesterday I was a bit early. I hate waiting, especially in the cold so very reluctantly, I went over to the Coop to pass the time. I say "reluctantly" because the staff there are always so unfriendly that I swore the last time I shopped there, that that would be my last unless it was absolutely necessary. After browsing for a good 10 minutes or so & buying a couple of items, I made my way to the post office & told the lady there who often serves me, about it. She told me there aren't many people who do like going there. I was also told that there is one member of staff who is o.k. However, I fail to see why it's such an effort for every member to put a smile on their faces & to be friendly to their customers. I don't think I will go back there again unless the staff are replaced because otherwise their politeness & friendliness wouldn't be genuine. A smile & a bit of friendliness can make all the difference to others & is totally free. Yours faithfully Lillian Camden

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The Co-op | | VERIFIED

Hello Lillian. I'm concerned to read your complaint. Please can you email the full detail along with your contact details to [email protected] Thanks ^Scott
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