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Patrick Liam's complaint against Pizza Express

Patrick Liam O'Toole


Unknown nut hidden within undeclared pizza hospitalises woman

Complaint against Pizza Express

Two American Hot/Hottest pizzas were ordered on Tuesday Dec 1st night at St Martins Lane Covent Garden restaurant. These are not pizzas where nuts are declared within the food. On eating her meal of the above content and shortly after leaving the restaurant my woman who has a nut allergy and was told this food would not contain nuts, came down with a severe reaction. We had not long got on the local tube (Leicester Square) but in the small time of travelling one stop her allergy got serious and we got off the second stop, Holborn, I took her straight up to the street level ticket office and demanded a first aider. There was none so an ambulance was called. Luckily they were there in minutes. The situation worsening we were taken to Euston Hospital and after 5-6 hours of medication and care we were okay to leave. This is unnaceptable. Be it carelessness or hygeine this is criminal. She almost died.

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