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Mums blast Nestlé for changes to SMA baby milk

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Feb 8, 2016

Furious mums have blasted Nestlé for making changes to its SMA First Infant powder milk.

The food giant are updating its First Infant, Follow On and Toddler powder milks with a new SMA Pro range.

SMA Pro first came under fire when parents realised the container had shrunk from 900g to 800g, but remained the same price.

The reduction – 11% less formula for the same price – means families who buy one £10 tin a week will need spend an extra £57 a year.

The new formula includes fish oil, and many customers took to social media to question its suitability for vegetarians. 

And many mums have also highlighted the worrying effects the new formula has had on their babies.

We were contacted by two parents who use the SMA baby milk: Jo Jones and Natasha Scott. 

Jo, whose nineteen-day-old baby had been drinking the First Infant milk from birth, told us: “He was getting into a fantastic night-time routine. Then, without any warning at all, Nestlé changed the formula of their milk. I now have a very cranky baby who is obviously very uncomfortable.”

Part of the problem, says Jo, lies in an increase to the size of the serving spoon.

It means she gets through containers far quicker than before.

“Every 6-8 weeks we would need to buy an extra tin than before,” she told us. “I feel that this is incredibly dishonest of [Nestlé] and some warning would have been nice. With such a young baby, we would never have started on the old formula.”

Like Jo, mum Natasha says the Nestlé updates have affected her baby’s happiness.

“My son was happy, content and never a cry-baby and now it's like he's the devil,” Jo, who says her son often throws up after drinking the new product, explained.

"You can feel the difference between the old and new.”

Jo says she is considering changing brands altogether.

“The old one was easy to shake together and you could make the bottle like an absolute pro - with the baby in one arm and the other hand fixing the bottle,” Jo said.

“The new one is watery and, even though you put in the right amount of scoops to the water, the powder takes ages to dissolve properly.

“It’s not fair on the baby and it's not fair on the parent who is trying to do their best but can't because they don't have four arms.”

We asked Nestlé for a response to its customers’ concerns; they told us:

“There are a number of important changes to our new SMA Pro formula range to reflect the latest innovations in infant nutrition.”

The price increase, says Nestlé, is because the new SMA formula is “more expensive to produce” due to the inclusion of “new key ingredients.”

They assured customers they have “tried to keep the impact on the recommended retail price to a minimum.”

Mums like Jo and Natasha, however, remain unconvinced.  

If you’re a parent who uses Nestlé’s baby milk, share your experience in the comments section.


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