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Colin's complaint against Complete Energy Europe

Colin Newsome


A graphene heating system that never materialised sold by a company that would never contact you

Complaint against Complete Energy Europe

Back in April of last year I signed up the supply and installation of a new central heating system using Graphene radiators. Initially we were promised a significant saving in energy costs over our existing gas system. We signed up with a company called Complete Energy Europe Ltd. (CEE) and we initially handed over a cheque for £100 and then signed a purchase contract with CEE (contract number CEE10083. We handed over a further cheque in May for £3178 when CEE’s installers came round to measure up for the system. The final payment of £3278 was to be paid after installation based upon payment on my full satisfaction of performance and fuel saving criteria. The initial installation period was supposed to be around six weeks after the installers visit. We contacted CEE many times over the next 5 months plus. At no time did CEE ever contact us with a status on the proposed installation. My wife and I contacted them by letter and e-mail and never had a response. When we rang, invariably we got an answer phone message which promised a call back which never materialised. When we did get someone to answer it was always a guy called Rob who answered. We were fobbed off with excuses and installation dates that were never met, as the months passed it became less and less likely to get an answer on the phone. It now seems that the Rob who answered the phone was one of the directors of the company, namely Robin Harrison. Eventually I cancelled the order as this seemed at the time to be my only course of action. I made various attempts to get my money back but non of my correspondence was ever answered. I wrote to trading standards who recommended I try arbitration. I sent an email through the company website requesting this but of course. I sent recorded delivery letters to the registered office of CEE which did not get through and returned to me. I found out that CEE doe not have an office at the Queen Street Offices. It is a drop of point for letters at their solicitors – Aticus Law Solicitors. There was mention of an office at Hollinwood business Centre OL8 3QL. While researching CEE I met and joined an action group of other people who are in exactly the same boat as myself and treated exactly the same as myself by CEE. I now know that County Court Judgements have been made against directors of CEE which have been totally ignored. Initially, to my knowledge CEE was a sister company to Xefro who were manufacturing the radiators. Eventually, Xefro contacted the members of the action group saying that Xefro would pay back the deposits of the affected people. This was then reversed as I received a letter from Xefro on the 12th February of this year telling me that it was agreed by the board members of these companies that I would be receiving my deposits back from CEE, this would be a staged refund based on cash flow for CEE. Xefro did mention that the radiators thus far manufactured were faulty and would not function, in some cases the radiators actually caught fire. The letter stressed that Xefro and CEE were totally separate Companies and Xefro washed their hands of any previous connection. I also received a phone call from someone purporting to be from CEE on Sunday 22nd February telling me a letter was being prepared outlining the staged reimbursement of my deposit. Up to this morning, as for everybody else in the action group I have heard nothing from CEE. As for people who are getting the installations set up now they are now being pressurised into paying immediately after final installation. This is not what was promised initially, it was to be paid when the system proved itself. Also, I was told that the radiators would be finger warm only, that the electricity used would be so low that the radiators would be spurred off the sockets. It now seems that the radiators do get very hot and a separate ring main is required for them. No one has yet been able to quantify the amount of electricity used but I feel that the 70% savings over gas central heating promised are so much pie in the sky.

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Elizabeth McKay-Lewis | | VERIFIED

Hi Colin, My father is in exactly the same position and is trying to decide the best course of action. How can i get involved in this action group. Thank you

tony spittlehouse | | VERIFIED

Reported as Spam

John Stone | | VERIFIED

The Rob that you would have spoken to would have been Rob Stevens who was a manager there. Even the call centre staff thought they was selling a legitimate product and they used them as well.

Barrie peters | | VERIFIED

I had the system fitted after delays etc and the fitters did a good job it wasn't a smooth installation but I am local to the hey wood site it has worked but at present the room stats are not functioning properly. The offices today are deserted and neighbour informed me that people are visiting the unit to collect mail etc I am posting this to warn people not to make any orders etc as they will be disappointed if any fitters check this site out contact me so I can ask some advice etc.
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