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Frank's complaint against Complete Energy Europe

Frank Baldwin


Complete Energy Europe Rip Off

Complaint against Complete Energy Europe

We entered into an agreement with CEE IN November 2015 to provide a heating and hot water system with the promise of making up to 70% savings on our energy costs. We paid a deposit of £1000 and then a survey was carried out in the same month. We then paid £6000 when items were delivered in late December although we did not receive the water tank as it was explained to us that the one they had was the wrong size and that we needed a smaller version. After that nothing except a number of phone calls to CEE but strangely answered by a young lady working for Xefro. Finally in April 2016 we were given an installation date and told that this would take no longer than 3 days to complete. When the installers arrived the first thing they did was to take away the items that had been delivered in December and replaced them with other equipment saying that they had been having problems with them. Still no signs of a water tank. The installation was spread over a period of 5 days, nowhere near completed with the standard of work appalling. There are still old radiators and pipes in place, the new radiators have been set to run at 19 degrees with no other means to control them other than to completely switch them off. Most disgraceful of all is that we have been without a hot water system since the installation in April. After more unsuccessful attempts to contact CEE/Xefro my patience has run out and I have sent a letter to both companies giving notice that I intend to hold them in breach of contract and I am about to contact Trading Standards and go down the legal route. The letters were sent by recorded delivery so I know that they have been received. Having read other poor victims experiences on this site and others I do not feel confident of ever seeing my money again but I am not going to take this appalling treatment lying down.

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tony spittlehouse | | VERIFIED

Hate to give you bad news, I have taken CEEltd through the small claims court. they were given a set time too return my money. next I got an high court writ sent the bailiffs to the address,It's the offices of Aticus law who claimed they did not have any contact with CEEltd in the last two years. Strange as they represented them in court via a letter less tha 6 weeks ago!! and said they did not have a contact address

John Battye | | VERIFIED

Apparently their new address is Complete Energy 132/134 Ancoats St Manchester M4 6DE

John Battye | | VERIFIED

I intend to check this address next week, have sent documents to my house insurance solicitors, system installed, doesn't work , no hot water system installed. Don't appear to have a control panel, occasional radiators come on at midnight! Had to replace 14 of 18 batteries in the thermostats they went dead after 3 weeks. Does anyone no a trustworthy electrician who can make the system work?

John Stone | | VERIFIED

The main company was Complete Energy that started trying to fly under the radar by calling themselves the Eco-energy campaign making like they was the solar panel company Zefro made the radiators. They have now moved to St.Helens flying under the radar using the name Warm House Uk as if you Google that all you get is government initiatives. Lisa Hall runs the call centre under David who works for Robin her number is 07521 700422 and the address is 123 or 127 Church Street St.Helens WA101AJ

Frank Baldwin | | VERIFIED

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