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colin's complaint against Complete Energy Europe

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Complete energy rip off

Complaint against Complete Energy Europe

Back in august I was cold called by this company they told me all about there new Graphene based heating system produced by a company called Xefro . After a meeting with a salesman at my home I paid a deposit of £1750 to have this installed . A few days later I decided that this was not for me and decided to cancel this was well within the 14 day cooling off period I have the evidence of my cancelation in email and copy of letter I sent But I couldn't get any reply . I got trading standard involved they wrote to them and phoned them to no avail . I then started a small claim against them which they defended saying I cancelled to late So I decided to go through mediation with their solicitor it was agreed that they would pay me the whole amount plus interest and fees but they couldn't pay until the 10th of march which was last week . Surprise surprise I got no payment I phoned their solicitor who just palmed me off . I,ve since found out that they already have 5 unpaid C,C,Js on company check the truth is they have no intention of paying anything . The director of this company has previous doing this kind of thing and then just dissolves what ever company he,s running at the time . So now I,ve got to decide if I want to enforce judgement but bailiffs wont work because its just a postal address . I would just love to be able to get the message out to see how many more there is who,ve been ripped off and to warn anyone else from dealing with these con men , Hope you can help in any way

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Michael Robinson | | VERIFIED

If it's any help, his name is Robin Anthony Harrison and his address is: 41 Spinners Hollow Ripponden Sower by Bridge HX6 4HY Maybe the bailiffs can storm his house! Good luck.
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