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Christine's complaint against Complete Energy Europe

Christine Rush


Deposit taken for central heating. I got nothing for my money

Complaint against Complete Energy Europe

Last September I gave a deposit of four thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds. I was told heating would be fitted on the 2nd of December 2015. Not a word from Complete Energy Europe since. I contacted Xefro by phone every day the week of 2/12/15. They told me they had taken installations over, and they would definatley fit in January, they had my address and knew it should have been fitted on the 2/12/15.. I heard nothing more. I sent a letter, registered post on 26/2/2016 asking for my money back as they had broken the terms of their contract. I have heard nothing since. I did phone Xefro again and was told the boss worked from home but she would pass my message on. It is now 29//3/2017. I have reported my case to Actionfraud and Watchdog. Can you help me?

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Complete Energy Europe failed to resolve this complaint

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Paul Graham | | VERIFIED

Yes complete scam. Most people made deposits and nothing ever happened. A small handful of people had something instslled which is non functional and dangerous. Check out xefro club on facebook for fellow victims. Report to action fraud.

Christine Rush | | VERIFIED

As far as I know, Nothing has been done to stop these Conmen from carrying on taking money from vulnerable people.
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