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Enid's complaint against Complete Energy Europe

Enid Hall


Heating system

Complaint against Complete Energy Europe

I purchased a new heating system back in June they came and put it in on 13th Oct 2015 didn't work wiring all put in wrong Xerox came to try and sort it out came back putsome more in they set on fire came back put some more in then the had to get new controls had no heating from Nov they gave us some oil heaters electric bills have gone through the windows this heating system is not what I signed up 4 and still not working properly it is Xerox products complete energy the sails people just can't get hold of them

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Christine Price | | VERIFIED

enid says should read xefro not xerox

Michael Thorpe | | VERIFIED

After reading about your problems I am very glad they haven't fitted anything in my house! Its such a shame that such a good looking and sounding(from the brochure) system has been set-up by a bunch of thieves. Now even if an honest firm got that or a similar system working they would have an uphill struggle to sell it. all I now want is the return of my £4000 and I will stay with oil I know where I am with that.
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