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DAVID MICHEAL's complaint against Complete Energy Europe



Paid deposit then failure to deliver

Complaint against Complete Energy Europe

On 15-5-2015 sales rep came to my house and I agreed to have their grad system. I paid £100 deposit. On 26-5-2015 they came and did survey. On 3-6-2015 I forwarded a deposit of £2,950. I was told the system would be installed within 4 weeks. This never happened and over the next 3 months, after numerous phone calls and some unbelievable excuses they agreed I could either have the system for £1000 cheaper or a total refund. I chose the refund and sent a letter as requested. I received nothing and from then on my calls and messages were totally ignored. Then on 29-5-2016 Xefro contacted me to install the system. I explained the situation to them and they gave a phone number for complete energy which I rang and they said if I have not received my deposit back by 6-5-2016 then I was to call them. Needless to say I received nothing and nobody is answering the phone.

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David Fred Wainwright | | VERIFIED

While I totally understand your anger, the slight mitigating factor is that they didn't actually fit it! Some had 'systems' fitted which felll apart, caught fire, or just cost 4 times as much to run as their existing system. Type Xefro Club in google to get to the facebook page of dissatisfied customers and see some of the things we are trying to do to get justice
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