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Ylli's complaint against Flow Energy

Ylli Muharremi


I had an email saying that I owed the flow energy £864.80 and I have 7 days to pay it.

Complaint against Flow Energy

One day I received an email from flow energy saying that I owned them £864.80 also my monthly bills gone up from £39.00 a month to £51.00 a month and I have one week to pay the outstanding bill, when I asked them to dubbed check my account reading and to make sure I'm not paying wrong amount money then the credit team at flow energy sends me an other bill with different amount on it for £694.78 after second bill I asked to speak to flow energy management when I eventually got through to management after five different days phone calls trying to speak to manager then the manager said that he will make sure he checks my account from the day I have been with flow energy from June 2013 until now July 2016 when he got back to me after 4 days I spoke to him he said that the last 2 bills are send to you are wrongly send to you so he sends to me the third bill of £748.76 and also my monthly direct debit will go Up to £51.00 the company never have informed me that my bill will go up and they never informed me that I owned them that big amount of money when I asked the manager why I wasn't informed for this he said that when I joined the company I was one of the first customers to join them now the company has employed new people to sort out their problems and they demand that I have to pay this bill soon as possible. I did tell them that they have never informed me about this before and I m not happy about all this they just seemed not to care about it.

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