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Complaint against Flow Energy

FLOW ENERGY POOR,POOR SERVICE and POOR ,POOR, EXCUSES - I switched to this energy supplier in December of 2016 my contract with FLOW ENERGY was coming to an end, so I decided to switch to a cheaper supplier, giving both FLOW ENERGY and my new supplier my final meter reading, It is now January 2018 and FLOW ENERGY, still have not paid back my credit of over £275 that was due at the end of December 2016. As you can imagine they have used several excuses over this long period as to why they still have not paid the monies owed to me, from we are still awaiting a final read, to we have now authorized your payment it will be paid within 14 days, to I have chased up the debt management team the monies will be in your bank by today, All lies after lies after lies. It is now 368 days from my contract end with FLOW ENERGY and still the excuses and dribble drip,drip,drip from this supplier. The normal practice for a supplier to refund credit after a switch is 14 days----have never had a problem with any other Energy supplier apart from FLOW ENERGY and have switched supplier on may occasions, DO NOT USE THIS SUPPLIER IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO STAY WITH THEM FOREVER AND A DAY THEY WILL KEEP HOLD OF YOUR CREDIT TO ACCRUE INTEREST FROM YOU AND THEIR LEAVING CUSTOMERS, Ask yoursellf these questions before signing up to them. Are they the cheapest?, NO Wil they refund my credit within 14 days of switching.? NO Will they provide a good service? NO Will they keep hold of your credit when you leave to accrue interest ? YES Will they keep your credit for in excess of 365 days and make excuse and lie? Yes -----DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS SORT OF COMPANY. My experience is NO. I will keep you informed if they ever return my credit. (could show you all the e-mailed excuses) but suffice to say sign up to FLOW ENERGY AT YOUR OWN PERIL- IT WILL COST YOU MONIES IN THE LONG TERM

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