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Angela's complaint against Fischer Future Heat

Angela Wishart


Fischer future heat customer service

Complaint against Fischer Future Heat

I had four heaters installed last year, all of a sudden my bill has rocketed, I have asked for an engineer to call several times to check the heaters and thermostats out but no response to emails... terrible customer service.i am supposed to have a 10yr guarantee.. I would advise anyone to steer clear of this company

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Maggie Pollard | | VERIFIED

I have the same problem. Bills sky high. Doing everything I should but unable to use one heater as the bills would be even higher. I feel the product was miss sold. Maggie

Angela Wishart | | VERIFIED

Definitely Maggie, I’ve now been told to put them all on as it will heat the bricks!! And the complaints Dept have said that’s the British Gas smart meter that’s at fault, British Gas say it isn’t!

Geraldine West | | VERIFIED

Same here. I’ve turned mine off and can’t wait to get rid of them! This company is a disgrace and a scam! Keep away from them!!!

Angela Wishart | | VERIFIED

Yes they really are
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