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Complaint against iSupply Energy

Welcome to iSupplyEnergy and thank you for choosing the UK's newest domestic energy supplier. This message confirms that your meter supply point has been successfully registered and transferred to iSupplyEnergy. The date we will start supplying you with electricity is 25/04/2017 then today get this Thank you for recently applying to join iSupplyEnergy, we are delighted to have you on board with us. Unfortunately, due to system limitations and industry timescales, we have been unable to start your Electricity supply for the intended date. For this reason, we have changed your Electricity start date to 15/05/2017. This will allow us enough time to gain supply of your property and liaise with your previous supplier to ensure we have all the relevant information. and all this after a months delay prior to the accepted date. as i have messaged them to start it as promised on the 25th apr 17 if they dont then they are in breach of what they said and i'm got from them!

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samantha ornsby | | VERIFIED

to add to this, they sent another date of the 20th may 2017 to take the electric and a new welcome and cooldown period so i have cancelled the electric change and at the moment i have no supplier in theory for electric and also cancelled the gas as they broke the dual fuel change agreement by not satisfying the elctric side of it by going elsewhere for my fuel. and still no reply on the account
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