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Santhosh Luke's complaint against Bristol Energy

Santhosh Luke Alexander


[RESOLVED] - Bristol Energy bungles up my Gas connection transfer

Complaint against Bristol Energy

Like many consumers, I was impressed by the Bristol energy advert regarding their social cause and obviously their cheaper tariffs that were being offered in the market. Added to that, their no exit fees clause for their 1 Year Fixed price contracts clinched the deal for me and I decided to try them out, take a chance with a new player in the market despite all the advice I had read about not going with a new player. It appears that there is some truth in the advice after all. I had recently transferred over my dual fuel connection (Gas and Electricity) from EDF to Bristol Energy as my existing contract was ending. On June 24, I received a message from Bristol Energy asking me to provide the First meter reads for both my Gas and Electricity which I did. After 5 days on the 29th, I received another email confirming that my Electricity Supply has started. But surprisingly, there was no mention about my Gas supply. I called up Bristol Energy on the same day and the Customer service representative explained that my Electricity supply transfer had gone through successfully. However my Gas supply transfer was cancelled / blocked due to an objection raised by my previous supplier. I was surprised to hear this, since my EDF account was up to date and I paid my bills monthly via direct debit. I usually proactively put in my meter reads at the beginning of each month to keep my account up to date. Anyway, I called up EDF Energy to find out why my Gas transfer was blocked. They mentioned that my transfer was a straightforward move and there were no objections that were raised by them and that my supply had been successfully transferred to the new supplier on 29th June. EDF also confirmed that any objections, if raised at all for a supply transfer would only be raised by the previous supplier usually and that too only if there is more than a £500 debit outstanding on the account. This was certainly not the case here. To be absolutely certain, I also called up the independent public gas transporter – Indigo Pipelines who supply gas to my property. They also confirmed that my Gas supply was successfully transferred to the new supplier on 29th June. I called up Bristol Energy again and explained to them that neither my previous supplier – EDF Energy nor the independent gas transporter – Indigo pipelines had raised any objections to the transfer. However, they maintain that an objection was raised and hence they could not take charge of the Gas supply. Wanting to move forward and resolve the matter, I asked them if Bristol Energy could reinitiate my Gas supply take over which they have now done. I was in for the next shock when they mentioned that I would now be placed on a new costlier tariff - Bristol Energy 1 Year Fix Issue 5 since the original tariff I was supposed to be on - Bristol Energy 1 Year Fix Issue 4 is no longer available. Though the unit rate is slightly lesser for the Issue 5 tariff in comparison to Issue 4, the standing charges for Issue 5 were nearly double that of Issue 4. Ultimately, for a moderate energy consumption user like myself, I would end up paying more. On top of this, Bristol Energy has communicated that they do not currently have the Gas supply for my residence as of yet and it would only get transferred by 28 July, 2016. On the other hand, EDF Energy has mentioned that they no longer own the Gas supply post 28 June, 2016. So now, I am in a dilemma as to whom I am supposed to pay for my Gas consumption between 29 June 2016 – 28 July 2016. I hope I will not get a back dated bill many months later asking me to pay a huge amount with fines included. Considering all the hassles I am going through and the time spent on numerous calls going back and forth from my new supplier to the old supplier, I am already regretting if I should have made a switch to Bristol energy in the first place. I am more inclined to agree with my previous supplier that no objections were raised as 1) there is no reason for an objection to be raised as I pay all my bills on time and my account is up to date and 2) this was also confirmed by the independent gas transporter – Indigo Pipelines. I can only surmise that Bristol Energy bungled up somewhere and they are not willing to accept this or they are genuinely not aware that they bungled up. The customer service representatives at Bristol energy were helpful to go over my problem. However, they were not able to provide a solution and at least put me back on the cheaper Fix 4 tariff since this issue is due to no fault of mine. I hope this forum will help to spread the inconvenience and the monetary loss that I have faced due to Bristol Energy bungling up my Gas supply transfer. I also hope that the management at Bristol Energy takes notice of my case and puts me on the earlier tariff or provides compensation for my monetary loss. For anyone considering a move to Bristol Energy, I would advise them to wait and watch as obviously they are having teething problems at the moment. Its best to go with an energy supplier who has had at least a couple of years of experience in the market to avoid having to go through unnecessary hassles that I am facing at the moment.

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Bristol Energy resolved this complaint

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Fleur Tucker | | VERIFIED

Hi Santosh We’re sorry to hear you had a bad experience with switching to our services and the inconvenience it caused. It looks like this is has all been resolved for you, and we're pleased to have been able to place you on the Fix 4 Tariff, as well as paying a contribution of goodwill to your account. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss anything further.

Fleur Tucker | | VERIFIED

You can reach our customer care team for free on 0808 281 2222 and we'll be happy to help.

Santhosh Luke Alexander | | VERIFIED

Hi Fleur, Thank you for responding back to my complaint. Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that I have now been placed on the Fix 4 tariff for both my Gas and Electricity as mentioned. However, there is an issue related to Billing. My first bill has not yet been generated for my Gas and Electricity accounts.

Santhosh Luke Alexander | | VERIFIED

I have recently been contacted by Bristol energy to provide a photo of my Gas meter and the issue is currently ongoing. I would be happy to close this complaint as soon as this issue is resolved and my account is back to normal.

Fleur Tucker | | VERIFIED

Hi Santosh, Apologies for the delay getting back to you about this. Unfortunately a system error has delayed our ability to generate your bill. This is being looked into as a matter of urgency and we're very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Santhosh Luke Alexander | | VERIFIED

Update as on 18 December 2016. Its been 6 months since I moved to Bristol energy and my billing issue has still not been resolved. I am also unable to enter my Gas meter readings online. The only way I am able to get a bill generated manually is by calling up Customer services (Wayne) who has been able to kindly get a bill generated for me both times when I called. Are there any updates??

Santhosh Luke Alexander | | VERIFIED

Update as on 27 February 2017. Finally, the last pending issue of being able to submit my meter readings online has been resolved by the Customer care team. It appears there was some setting in the system that was preventing me from doing so. I would like to express my gratitude to A Spokesman said for helping to highlight this issue and bring it to the notice of the concerned authorities. Thanks!

Santhosh Luke Alexander | | VERIFIED

Though it took more than 8 months and numerous calls to the Bristol Energy customer care, I can finally say that all the issues with my Energy switch have now been resolved. Thank you to A Spokesman Said for highlighting the issue. I must also add that the Bristol energy customer care team were very courteous at all times and these are teething issues faced by a new player entering the market. Hopefully, issues such as these would be minimized as the Bristol Energy team gains more experience.
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