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Geoff's complaint against Avro Energy

Geoff Walker


Refund of money in account

Complaint against Avro Energy

I switched from AVRO in April this year, I had been with them for one year but a 13% raise in prices made me look around. When I left I knew I was approximately a £100 in credit. I waited for a final statement but none came. So about a month later I contacted them and was told final bill and refund would take 10 working days. So waited again and no final bill nor refund. Left several messages - nothing, tried calling but gave up the will to live after 20 minutes. After 14 working days my final statement is now ready but no refund. Finally I have sent an e-mail giving them 10 working days to refund me or I'd take them to a small claims court. A response! They promise me my money by the end of the week. We will see.... as I said in one of my e-mails to them why are you making this so difficult.

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Geoff Walker | | VERIFIED

I have finally got my money back, but they still took a further 10 working days after producing a final statement. so not much joined up thinking in their system. Do you really have to threaten a small claims court action to get back your own money. They took my first payment some 3 weeks prior to supplying me with energy. so I was in credit the whole year and nearly 3 months.
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