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Neil's complaint against Economy Energy

Neil Garner


[RESPONDED] Incorrect Billing

Complaint against Economy Energy

I recently left Economy energy after a year.... it has been a very difficult experience. I would definitely advise caution before signing with them.... When on a direct debit, with them guessing my usage, it all worked fine. They seem to ignore my readings and when I left, I discovered arithmetic errors in every bill they had created.... both gas and electricity. I got lots of red bills, text messages and calls demanding huge amounts of money. In the end after many months of arguing, we went from me owing more than £500 to them owing me £75, then £150 and finally me owing them about £35 after they ripped up all the previous attempts at an electricity bill and starting again from a year before. I can only guess their billing system is completely manual and probably involves someone copying and pasting data into a pro forma bill... (this is the only way to account for day and night readings being transposed in different parts of individual bills and opening or closing readings not matching previous/later bills). It also appears their customer service and complaints teams are about 1 month behind in replying to messages and the debt collection team do not have up to date information.... they were still trying to collect £500 from me, 6 weeks after the bills had been re-issued (several times....!) My final gas bill was also underreported even though they have the correct reading showing on my account. At first this seemed like a welcome rebate, but on reflection, this may well be a clever way of shifting costs elsewhere when they have got fixed price deals wrong. I got a rebate when I left, only to get a very large bill from my next supplier at the first billing.... simply because they had taken about 60 gas units from my reading.... This could be a good way to not lose money if you have underpriced your gas for the end of a contract and effectively get the customer to buy their gas for the last period at a later date and higher price elsewhere or at the higher variable rate (should they choose not to switch)..... alternatively, it could just be more incompetence in the billing department!

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hello Neil. I do apologise for the issues you've had with your bills and debt collection. I do hope that this has now been resolved. If it hasn't or you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us on web chat via our website where we will be able to investigate this further. ^Kara

James Marshall | | VERIFIED

Hi Neil. Sounds like your having a nightmare. If you would like some free help and advice about a trusted and reliable energy and utility supplier then I can help. I'm a distributor for Utility Warehouse, named the UK's Best Energy and Utility Provider by Which, numerous Moneywise, Defaqto 5 star, international and other awards. I usually save people over £300 to £2,000. You can call 07980852397

Neil Garner | | VERIFIED

Thanks.... I gather EE went bust last week... I'm amazed it took so long! Actually, we switch to another supplier 10 months ago and they have been great.... no issues at all. All the issues were with closing the EE account which was riddled with errors and them wanting me to pay stupid closing balances which were totally imaginary and the bill creators couldn't do subtraction either!
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