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Colin's complaint against Economy Energy

Colin Gray


[RESPONDED] Chancers, liars and Thieves

Complaint against Economy Energy

I stupidly tried to switch to Economy Energy from the Martin Lewis website and almost immediately wished I hadn't. They gave me a switching date and then commenced taking payments for that date despite the fact the switch hadn't gone through. My existing supplier continued to demand payment and when I contacted economy energy, they blatantly lied and assured me that they were now providing my energy. Moths later I have still not switched and they have finally admitted they have never been my power supplier and are sitting on £300 of my cash. They said they had processed arefund three weeks ago but yet it still has not gone through due to "problems with a backlog in their finance department". I suspect the company is on the verge of collapse and cannot manage its cash flow due to the mass exodus of customers and hence the massive hikes in price it is now proposing which will simply accelerate its deserved demise. I would strongly recommend you avoid this company.

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hello Colin, I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received your refund yet and that money was taken from your account despite your supply not going live with us. We can investigate this for you if you could please message us on web chat. ^Kara

Colin Gray | | VERIFIED

Really Kara, that’s funny, because I have tried your web chat several times and still get nowhere. I take it you are tasked with replying in here simply to make it look like you are doing something.

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

I do apologise about that. The web chat team will be able to take your details and investigate this further which is why I have recommended contacting them. ^Kara

James Marshall | | VERIFIED

Hi Colin. This is disgusting treatment. If you would like some free help and advice about a trusted and reliable energy and utility supplier then I can help. I'm a distributor for Utility Warehouse, named the UK's Best Energy and Utility Provider by Which, numerous Moneywise, Defaqto 5 star, international and other awards. I usually save people over £300 to £2,000. You can call 07980852397

Colin Gray | | VERIFIED

Thanks, I’d started leaving EE when I posted here. With pure planet now, but they’re not great either. Increased their tariff within weeks of me shifting. The energy market needs to be more tightly controlled to prevent this general upward spiral in prices. It’s gonna end up like petrol prices, rising like a rocket when wholesale prices go up and falling like a feather when they drop.
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