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susie's complaint against Economy Energy

susie negus


[LAPSED] claimed i was not a customer on Trustpilot

Complaint against Economy Energy

MANY issues, was not sure what happened after a survey type phone call. Then get a letter from Scottish Power saying we're sorry you're leaving. Followed by another SP letter "you owe us more than £700 the switch cannot take place. Then began the biggest farce in energy company communications, SP would ring me and say that EE had tried to take account AGAIN and SP had objected. Usually the same/next day theres a letter from EE(which I still have and uploaded to Trustpilot) saying they tried to get my acount back nut SP objected. I was told on the phone to EE that they would allow me to return to SP. They did not. I wrote a review on Trustpilot and it was 'flagged' as the company had no record of me being involved with them!!!! But a quick check through the reviews shows this is a common tactic. They claim no to have dealt with most of the people telling the same story I am. They are due to be sanctioned AGAIN for misselling and making leaving as difficult as they can. They can also be quite aggressive when telling you their version of events. AVOID

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Lapsed. susie has not responded in 90 days

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Susie, I am sorry for the issues you received from us. I understand this was now some time ago but if you'd like me to take a look into this or any other issues regarding your account, please contact me via Facebook, Twitter or by email at [email protected] ^Phil
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