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Joanne's complaint against Economy Energy

Joanne Harris


[LAPSED] Duped

Complaint against Economy Energy

I answered a knock at my door from someone from economy energy I thought I was getting a quote it was not I was switching companies without realising. I had no letters or cards sent to me informing me that i had switched and on the day they took over I was completely unaware of the fact I was under new gas and electricity suppliers. I am furious they can switch me over and without even telling me by mail or email or a phone call they day they took over I had no way of putting gas or electricity on my meters because (a) I didn't realise I had switched and (b) they hadn't sent me any cards to top.up my meter. How is this even possible that they can do this?

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Lapsed. Joanne has not responded in 90 days

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susie negus | | VERIFIED

They did this to me. I have to take the complaint procedure up through THEIR process before I can get the ombudsman involved and they have refused to acknowledge it. I gt a very rude email telling me I was WELL AWARE I WAS SWITCHING. I believed I was answering a survey about satisfaction with energy suppliers overall.

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Joanne, I am sorry for the issues you had in Economy Energy taking over your supply. I understand this was now some time ago but if you'd like me to take a look into this or any other issues regarding your account, please contact me via Facebook, Twitter or by email at [email protected] ^Phil
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