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Andrew's complaint against Economy Energy

Andrew Barton


[RESPONDED] Ecomomy Energy are not refunding overpayments in a timely manner

Complaint against Economy Energy

I have made reviews on this website in the past regarding the prolonged non payment of my refund. I have asked Economy Energy for a copy of their refunds policy, after some prevarication and repeated requests they eventually sent me a copy of their T's & C's saying section 9.6 applied. This is yet another time wasting ploy as it has nothing to do with refunding ex customers. I have this weekend discoverd a document EE's website called Policy Statement: Reassessments and Refundsfor Direct Debit customers (you can search for it online) According to this document I should be credited within 14 days, I have been waiting 82 days and during that time I have been subjected to repeated lies, excuses and threats from Economy Enerygy, I want my repayment without further excuses and delays.

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Economy Energy has responded

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

I'm sorry to hear that you're yet to receive your refund, Andrew. Can you please message us via web chat on our website so that we can look into this for you? ^Kara

Andrew Barton | | VERIFIED

Web chat is a total waste of time you just get fobbed off time and time again. Any potential customer would be well advised to avoid Economy Energy if you do not wish to have your money taken by false pretenses.

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

I do apologise that you feel that way Andrew. Our web chat advisers are here to help with any of your queries. ^Kara

Andrew Barton | | VERIFIED

Still no refund and they are now threatening to pass a £8.73p debt for gas onto a debt collection agency even though I am £136 in credit on my last bill.Your web chat advisers are NO HELP they just fob you off time and time again.

Brian Baker | | VERIFIED

Brian Baker | | VERIFIED

Why, after 80 days, will you not refund the money you owe me. Why wont Ellis Johnson in your complaints department answer any of the dozens of e-mails sent asking for an update? You are now the laughing stock of the energy market due to customer service ratings. How long are you going to continue on this course?

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

I can see that you have now emailed us so we will continue to look into this via email. I apologise for the inconvenience caused by this. ^Kara

Andrew Barton | | VERIFIED

I have emailed and messaged you about it 30 times over the past two months all I get is lies (saying you did not have the meter reads) multiple meaningless apologies and told I will get it "as soon as possible", which means nothing!

Andrew Barton | | VERIFIED

Hip Hip Hooray .......................... Phil (Social Media Supervisor) has told me my refund will be in my bank in 3 to 5 days I will wait withbaited breath.


Did you get it?

Andrew Barton | | VERIFIED

They have never informed me that it had been repaid, I was very worried as I had not heard so went to the bank yesterday and the refund HAS BEEN PAID a week ago! After all this time it would have been nice if they had bothered to inform me, save me another weeks worry. Yet again poor customer service from Economy Energy.

Andrew Barton | | VERIFIED

During the 3 months it has taken to secure my refund I was convinced Economy were in severe financial difficulties, I was very concerned that they were going bust and I would never get my refund. It is a great relief to have it in the bank at last.

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

I'm sorry for the issues you've had trying to receive this. However, I'm glad to hear that this has now been received. ^Kara

Tony Collinge | | VERIFIED

I am having exactly the same issues. They owe me £240.00, give me a different excuse every time. They are always looking in to it? I have lost count of how many emails I have sent them, and if I get asked to verify my account one more time I think I will hang is about time the regulators stopped this company from signing up new customers until they fulfill their responsibilities.

Andrew Barton | | VERIFIED

My advice is not to use the online chat to comunicate as they just fob you off. Email them at [email protected] You need to put in an official complaint to economy energy ASAP, then put in an official complaint to the energy ombudsman, you can do it online at The ombudsman can do nothing until EE have gone through their compliansts procedure.

James Marshall | | VERIFIED

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Andrew Barton | | VERIFIED

So how will swapping to you help people get their money back?
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