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Chris's complaint against Economy Energy

Chris Buckley


[LAPSED] economy energy really

Complaint against Economy Energy

my local council recommended i go to this company ! cheaper ! yea ! as from 2 hrs time the switch over begins ! the only problem is they havnt sent me a prepayment key ! two weeks ago i phoned them to say all i have had is a email asking for my meter reading ! phoned them to say prepayment which they said ok thats no problem the key is one way nearer time ! i have now have only 5 pounds of electric left ! phoned them was put on hold with every now and them a voice telling me to hold as your call is important to us ! after nearly 10 min a womans voice came on and just said goodbye and cut me off ! am now left middle of night very little electric and wandering if the whole thing is a scam or just a useless company !!!! either way i have no electric

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Lapsed. Chris has not responded in 90 days

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Chris, I am sorry you've been kept waiting for a key and appreciate the concern this must be causing. I will be happy to investigate this and resolve this for you right away if you could please confirm your full address and email to me over Facebook, Twitter or by email to [email protected] so I can access your account? ^Phil
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