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carol's complaint against Economy Energy

carol sewell


[LAPSED] Liars and Thieves

Complaint against Economy Energy

I've tried to contact this company many many times since I left them on 25th November. I left after six months because of appalling customer service and because they never sorted my complaints out. I have over the last few months resorted to leaving many reviews about them on Trustpilot. They do leave a reply and twice I have had phone calls from their 'specialist complaints team'. They drone on about reaching a resolution and keep promising me a refund but it never happens. They owe me £155 yet despite not being a customer anymore they won't return my credit and in fact in December even tried to take more money out of my account. Thankfully the bank stopped them. I'm scared of what they are capable of after reading so many horror stories about them. I'm very very stressed about what they've done to me. They just keep lying to me.

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Lapsed. carol has not responded in 90 days

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Carol, thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear this is still ongoing. I understand we have also spoke on Trust Pilot regarding this. I can see you have an active complaint with our specialist Complaints team and so I have spoken directly with your case handler now to ensure you are contacted today with an explanation and a resolution to this. ^Phil
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