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John 's complaint against Economy Energy

John Roberts


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Complaint against Economy Energy

I have been living at my current address for the past five years. Two years ago i swiched energy supplier to economy energy, and it took them months and numerous calls before i recieved my replacement topup keys. A few months later i recieved a bill for my electric despite it being a token meter. After more calls and and more demands my account was transfered to collections. They were insistant my meter was not a token meter. I e-mailed them a photo of the meter with the token key in it and still they insisted it was registered quarter meter. A few week ago i toped up my token key as I usually do and it failed to recognise the amount i had credited, so I tired again only to fail again. Due to the nice weather i had made arrangements to take my three girls to the beach for a day out but my electric had gone off and I was left all day without electicity. I phoned them up again and they said an engineer would come out within three hours. Three hours passed and no engineer so I caled back. The rest of the day was spent going from one place to another trying various paypoints to get credit and it was early evening before i finally got it sorted. During this time my girls had been in and out of the freezer getting iced lollies as they were melting. By the end of the day, most of the contents of my freezer had defrosted and I ended up having to throw the spookey contents because i believed it was unsafe to eat and I had no way of cooking it. I have had nothing but trouble since i have switched to economy and will definately not be reccommending them to anyone.

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hi John, I do apologise for the issues you've faced here and I agree it sounds like we've really let you down here. If you could please email this to us at [email protected], we can investigate what happened here before getting back in touch directly with a thorough explanation and resolution for you. ^Phil

James Marshall | | VERIFIED

Hi John.What a nightmare. Would some free help and advice about a trusted and reliable energy and utility supplier be of help?. I'm a distributor for Utility Warehouse, named the energy and best Utility Provider in the UK by Which, numerous Moneywise, Defaqto 5 star, international and other awards. I usually save people over £300 to £2,000. You can call 07980852397
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