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therese's complaint against Economy Energy

therese droog


[RESPONDED] Problems from start to finish

Complaint against Economy Energy

I had moved to economy energy 2 months ago and they are still to set my account up correctly. My Gas account wasn't registered for 25 days after I opened the account. They are doubling my DD's now - which is way out of line with my usage (even considering winter months). They wish to protect themselves against bad debt but also take a double payment at the start of the contract. All in all this is too high for my reasonable expected usage. Emails come to me with blank attachments so just a standard template that hasn't any information on it. Often. The also haven't sent the information to my previous supplier so I can get a refund from my old supplier. Three times this was requested. Finally each time I call they are unhelpful, dont seem to know how to fix issues.

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Therese, I am sorry for the issues you've faced here and I agree it sounds like the service you've received is far from the level we aim towards. I will be happy to take a look into your account and provide an explanation if you could please confirm your full address and email to me at [email protected]? ^Phil

therese droog | | VERIFIED

Phil I’ve had a response from your colleagues saying they can’t do anything and refuse to look at the increase (though recognised to be disroportionate) for another 4 weeks In this time I will be charged and thus penalised

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

I do apologise for this, Therese. If you wish, you can cancel your direct debit and pay manually upon receipt of your bill. Unfortunately, my colleagues are correct that if we believe lowering your direct debit will put you into a debit amount, as a responsible lender, we're unable to do this. ^Phil

James Marshall | | VERIFIED

Hi Therese. This treatment isn't right. If you would like some free help and advice about trusted and reliable energy and utility supplier then I can help. I'm a distributor for Utility Warehouse, named the energy and best Utility Provider in the UK by Which, numerous Moneywise, Defaqto 5 star, international and other awards. I usually save people over £300 to £2,000. You can call 07980852397
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