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Karina's complaint against Economy Energy

Karina Wilkinson


Sheer Extortion!

Complaint against Economy Energy

So here goes... i queried the use of my electric consumption as i was constantly topping up and felt like the money i was putting in had grown legs and was running away. I looked into complaints and put a complaint it and asked for an analysis to be done on my smart meter. I wasn't expecting the results i received. According to thr paperwork thry sent me i have consumed £8337.00 in electric over thr space of 12 months. This is for a 2 bedroomed house with just myself and my child living here. I asked if i was lighting up wembley stadium in this pricr aswell. No one seems to know whats happening and i am being told that they think theres a fault with the meter and will be changing it.. in 6 weeks time.. meanwhile i have to keep watching my money grow legs and run!!. Its beeb nearly 20 days since i first put in complaint and still not been dealt with no more than day 1. Keep getting told different stories and the staff do not have a clue what they are actually doing. I am now looking into taking legal action against thid company.. so if you dont want to end up in a similar situation i would..Avoid this company like the plague!! Oh i am once again at this moment trying to get through to this company on the phone.. been listening to the same music now for 36 mins and still no ones picked phone up!!

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