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Frances's complaint against Economy Energy

Frances O'Connor


[RESPONDED] Still awaiting rebate

Complaint against Economy Energy

Hi there, I quit this company on 6/7/18. It is now 8/10/18. A full 3 months have elapsed, and these guys owe me around £800. I appreciate it takes time to switch over to another provider, and the wheels sometimes turn slowly. However the 6 weeks period they said it would take, has elapsed well over 6 weeks ago. I speak to these guys on the phone once a week, and promises are made, but never kept. It is a disgrace. It is actually quite stressful, and is impacting my life. Why does these guys not just pay me the money which is legally mine? Frances

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Frances, I am sorry you've been kept waiting so long on this. I will be happy to take a look into this for you if you could please confirm your full address and email in a private message? ^Phil

Frances O'Connor | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Thank you. Sorry but for security, could you please send this to me at [email protected] and I will ensure this is addressed immediately? This way, your details are kept private and secure. ^Phil

Frances O'Connor | | VERIFIED

okay Phil sending now

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Thanks Frances. ^Kara

James Marshall | | VERIFIED

Hi Frances. Sorry to hear about your problem. If you would like some free help and advice about a trusted and reliable energy and utility supplier then I can help. I'm a distributor for Utility Warehouse, named the UK's Best Energy and Utility Provider by Which, numerous Moneywise, Defaqto 5 star, international and other awards. I usually save people over £300 to £2,000. You can call 07980852397
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