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Tim's complaint against Economy Energy

Tim Forrester


[RESPONDED] Very poor customer service - avoid EE like the plague

Complaint against Economy Energy

EE's billing systems are a shambles as a result I left my contract early and am not trying without success to claim my nearly £800 credit back from them. However they do not answer phones, their FB page has been taken down and they do not respond to e mail. I expect I'll have to get OFGEM involved.

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Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Tim, I'm sorry to hear this. I can look into your refund if you can please email me at [email protected]? ^Kara

Tim Forrester | | VERIFIED

Hi Kara, as I mentioned on TrustPilot - we both know that entering into a chat session or submitting e mails does no good. As I have a water tight case I'm going down the formal complaints route using Resolver. Again to avoid any further bad press for EE - why not simply refund what's due to me ?

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately without your details we would be unable to look into this. ^Kara

Tim Forrester | | VERIFIED

A formal complaint is now in progress using Resolver and it has caused EE to respond with a promise of a refund in 28 days. Based on previous experience with EE I doubt it will happen within the promised timescale (if ever). If this is the case then OFGEM will become involved. It's a shame that I've had to go the formal complaints route but it seems to be the only way to get any sort of response.

Economy Energy Media Team | | VERIFIED

I do apologise that this hasn't been received yet and hope that your complaint is resolved. If it isn't, please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can look into this further. ^Kara

James Marshall | | VERIFIED

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