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Gracie's complaint against Thames Water

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Attempting to procure advance payment

Complaint against Thames Water

Something has changed at Thames WAter. some misguided board director appears keen to get cash in early to have ordered a policy where staff demand payment for an entire years worth of water on unmetered properties in advance. this has never previously been teh case. Now they seem to imply its is expected. only on enquiry do you discover that you can tranche payments throughout teh year as you actually consime teh product or service they offer. I found myself ahead of my payment scheule this year in September, but was still being hounded by a collections agency unaware that I had opted to pay the annual charge in two parts, which left a very unpleasant taste in the mouth. How agressive and unethical this institution has suddenly become. Someone at the top should be sanctioned for so rapidly allowing a decent customer relations culture go down the toilet pan quiet so swiftly. I can only hope their share price follows. Were customers able to swap I expect they would leave in droves, but as there is no alternative and it is effectively a monopoly, there should be better standards of behaviour expected by and shown to customers. Pointing out their mistake, I have recieved no apology nor contrition. They simply don't seem to communicate properly internally. Bill Cunningham

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