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Daniel's complaint against Everlasting Boilers

Daniel Crowther


Has a system flush actually been carried out ??

Complaint against Everlasting Boilers

I had an everlasting boilers fitted 3 years ago and within the first year I started having problems with my hot water running cold and hot , my wife rung the help line and got though to a rep and advised of the problem , the advised they would put her through to a technical help person .... his response was all my radiators and pipe work needed replacing as they must all be corroded as the heat exchanger was blocked . I rang them back later in the day when I got home from work and was again was put through to what must have been the same person as there can't be 2 rude technical support persons in the same company . Again advised that all my pipe work was corroded and my rads all past it . I asked how he was so sure that a system flush had been carried out and he said because a box had been ticked on my paper work ... But now I know more about what is involved in a system flush the more Im positive that one was never done . 1 . As I was interested in what they were doing and I was doing work on my stairs and landing that day I think I may have noticed the machine . 2 . I'm guessing that all my radiators would need to be attached to the machine ... my down stairs rads were not plumbed back in till at least 15:30 - 16:00 and as they left and we're on their way home for 6 how does this leave enough time to flush my down stairs rads . I could go on about how it's supposed to have been done ... But here's the breaker why would a 2 day install as advised only take one day if no corners had been cut ???? The installation engineers got something good from it same pay but Sunday off ???

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