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Sam's complaint against Toto Energy

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Complaint against Toto Energy

So here we are once again... Give 'em a chance, and they get even worse, it would seem. I sit here, on the phone for the second time today, because ToTo decided to introduce a "friendly credit" period over Christmas... and didn't tell anyone that this was happening. So today, when our gas shut off, I was expecting the (at most) £7 or so debt to be cleared by my £15 top up, and we'd be golden till our next payment at the end of the week... Of course, this is ToTo and such simplicity is faaaar beyond these cretins. So I call ToTo, (after 50mins waiting on hold!) to be informed by some foolish man-child from Brighton that "an email went out over Christmas, you were informed and the debt you've built up is your own fault" no apology, no trying to understand the situation... My Fault. OK whatever, can I just get my gas back on, didn't receive any "friendly credit" email but I just want to cook lunch. But no He wanted to argue the point over it being entirely my fault; OK then so how exactly would an OAP deal with this... that debt could well wipe out their food money for the week, is that acceptable? He didn't much like this scenario, squirmed audibly over the phone before asking is I wanted this put onto a debt to be resolved over my next few top ups -- Ugh yesss! Finally! What I'm after-- this guy was rude in the extreme the entire time I was talking to him but maybe now I can finally get off this damn phone and cook! Right, RIGHT?! NOPE! ToTo strikes again... This gleaming example of utter failure within the human gene-pool had only removed the remaining debt... even after my first explanation stated that I'd already topped up £15 and had nothing left with which to top up further... So here I am again, 35mins into what could very well be another 1-1.5h hold-queue. I've also checked out my emails... searching top to bottom.... ToTo didn't send a damn thing about "Friendly Credit", there was one email received in the last 6 months on Dec 24th with Top up advice, but nothing about "friendly credit" in that email... I call BS, and they told precisely no-one... which is why they now have a message for all of us who are now without gas/electricity since 11am... why would this be such a widespread problem if you'd informed everyone? Ehy? And as added insult to injury; I still have no IHD (In Home Display) despite the Ombudsman ordering them to install one in my home; and when I brought this matter to the attention of the boy on the phone he tried to charge me a fiver for one! In short, I'm done with this utterly unbelievable congregation of morons, scam artists and CYA Gold medal winners. I truly hope that someone from ToTo reads this, gets a clue and quits to find actual meaningful employment. I'm half surprised that these people don't have an on-site psych with the amount of abuse they must suffer daily due to simple poor company policy, management and customer care and service. Oh, and I count on ToTo to try to report this review, It's the only way they scrape that 3* rating constantly, to report any and all bad reviews... but as before I shall edit and re-post.

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