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Complaint about Toto Energy

Complaint against Toto Energy

I left them a couple of months ago because they kept taking extra money out of my account saying that i was using more electric and gas (i was not) Tried phoning them but could not get through. Tried to check my account but they had locked me out. they sent an email the other day saying i owed them £66, I emailed them back asking for a last bill and it had jumped from £66 to £233. Keep well away from this company

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Chris Williams | | VERIFIED

disgusting cheats who even try to cheat Trust Pilot by getting their employees and whoever to make false reviews! Now they think they can just buy thousands of customers without so much as by your leave!!!

Pat Bellis | | VERIFIED

My post was blocked on Trustpilot for giving details of the Telegraph article regarding the warning issued over fake reviews. Pat Bell.
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