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Suzanna's complaint against Toto Energy

Suzanna N


Doorstep lying

Complaint against Toto Energy

I am not a customer with this company. However, I have had dealings with them on my doorstep in Devon. Two men knocked and when i opened the door they showed me a toto energy badge. A company i have never heard of. They proceeded to tell me that they were responsible for installing smart meters in my area and needed details etc. I am used to electricity companies doing this and so I told them i would phone EDF to ask them. EDF told me that in no way was this company working for them and it seems like others this company will stoop to any level to trick you into signing up with them. What worries me is the amount of elderly people in my street and they were knocking on many doors. How many people are tricked into switching and blatantly lied to. They have also tried to have removed any negative comment about them which I find outrageous. Instead of doing that they should maybe tell the truth on the doorstep and i might then have listened.

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