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Andy's complaint against Toto Energy

Andy Whiteley


forced to stay and lost credit

Complaint against Toto Energy

I was with #simplicity and they owed me £500.00 ish quid when they went bust. I was forced over to #Toto and I wish to leave. they accepted I was leaving but then refused to allow me to go saying that they have taken over the debts of Simplicity, "Great" I said.. "I will have my money back then please". no, because we can not verify your balance until we get confirmation from simplicity.. but they knew how much my DD was. I said I will pay the amount owed to them (Toto) a total of £17.odd now and argue the rest later. I just want away from that supplier. every argument she raised I proved wrong and after asking her name, although talking calmly she raised her voices and said you've just threatened me. (she kept referring to simplicity saying I need to contact them, I explained that simplicity was a company that had gone bust and the equivalent of a human dying in effect you're asking me to talk to somebody non existent). she said your shouting and threatening so I'm terminating this call. no, your arguments have no ground. see you in court if need be.

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Andy Whiteley | | VERIFIED

for some reason the company called Solarplicity has been changed to Simplicity in my review. They blocked my leaving them twice and although they said they couldn't find my credit at solarplicity.. they did find my final bill with them.. a strange figure of 40 odd pounds. and now they have gone out of business themselves charging me 90 for one months gas and electric when it is normally about 25
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