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Thomas's complaint against Toto Energy

Thomas Booth


Refund request being ignored !

Complaint against Toto Energy

I switched my energy supply to Toto Energy during March 2017 as they quoted me an annual saving of around £250 on my existing suppliers. The deal agreed was that a sum of roughly £55 would be taken from my building society account every 21st day of the month. However, on 3 December 2017, Toto Energy sent me an e-mail stating that their prices were going to increase significantly at the beginning of January 2018 and that I had the right to switch suppliers within 30 days without incurring any sort of financial penalty. Accordingly, I switched suppliers on 7 December and on the 11 December, Toto Energy sent me an e-mail confirming that they had been approached by another energy company to take over my supply. Amazingly though, the very next day (12 December) Toto Energy sent me another e-mail informing me that they were switching me onto their "Seasonal Direct Debit Plan" even though they KNEW I was about to switch suppliers and this involved taking an increased installment of roughly £83 ! Naturally, I didn't think they would implement this change as they were perfectly well aware that I was on the verge of switching and wouldn't reap ANY benefit from this plan. However, I was horrified to learn that Toto Energy did indeed take £83 from my account on 21 December, instead of the originally agreed sum of £55 ! I sent Toto Energy an e-mail on 30 December asking for a refund and they have yet to reply or return the money to my account. In addition to this, I am also of the opinion that the £55 a month I had been paying during several warm Summer/Autumn months would have put me considerably in credit - I almost certainly wouldn't have USED £55 of energy a month during this time. Would I be entitled to a further refund on this ?

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