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Penny's complaint against Toto Energy

Penny Ballinger


Toto cant be bothered to send accurate bills and keep harassing for payment

Complaint against Toto Energy

1. You have taken over my account from Solarplicity and that had over £120 credit 2. Your first bill was based on two gross overestimates of electricity consumption in a hot Summer month, as you appear to presume that I am running some sort of industrial process in my cottage. 3. You ignored the actual readings I sent you 4. You promised to amend my bill 2 weeks ago 5. You have not bothered. 6. You have sent me a debt notice 7. I do not owe you anything you. I have not used that amount of electricity. There is also substantial credit from my previous supplier. 8 Your model of customer harassment stinks. Presumably your next step is a debt collecting agency. 9. Your company is a disgrace.

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