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Lee's complaint against Toto Energy

Lee Hoey



Complaint against Toto Energy

STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY ... Toto energy is destroying my life for some reason they say I owe them over £1.700 on electricity which I find very strange being that I live by myself and don’t use much electricity.. I’ve asked them to review the situation but there still adamant I owe them that huge sum of money.. When I first joined them I was told I would be charged £55.60 each money for gas and electricity. Which if someone told you that you would automatically think that’s what your bill will be each month. That’s all they were taking from me each month until the contract was due to end. Then they send me a bill saying I owe them over £1.700 just on the electricity because I wasn’t paying enough. Besides that I couldn’t use that much even if I tried im single living by myself.. After arguing with them they said they would for now suspend my dept and they would put in put smart meters in to monitor my electricity usage which I agreed to . so after awhile of using smart meters they could see for themselves that I wasn’t using that much electricity. BUT they still decided to up my meters to a higher rate and take £2.50p out of every £10 that I put in the meters plus a £1 per Day for the use of there meter so .oh yes they started taking money from the gas meter to.. not only that they randomly send messages to my smart meter saying I owe them a further £15 which will be added to your dept ,with no explanation as to why what so ever..... I’ve suffered from depression for a few years I’ve even tried ending my life a few times.. life can be hard for me sometimes I keep myself to myself and my dogs.. I don’t work because of my condition and I don’t receive extra money from the state just my JSA or something I get £180 a fortnight to pay my bills and get shopping .. TOTO energy have left me feeling suicidal they are taking every from me , I cant afford to pay other bills an hardly feed myself . I have to turn everything off to save money I don’t even use the heating .. I cant take this any more I feel so low and helpless....UPDATE THERE NOW TAKING EVEN MORE £48 IN 5 DAYS JUST ON THE ELECTRICITY,,I GIVE IN

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