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Alan George


Delays/poor contact with customers

Complaint against Tonik Energy

I transferred my account to Konik inJanuary 2017 The first problem was the fact that the details of my previous supplier showing readings were subject to delays. I was requested to provide the meter readings and I had to supply the information on three occasions before acceptance and the information was not acknowledged until 21 March when I received an apology, (but asking again for an up to date meter reading !) On 5 January I received a reminder that payments would be taken from 10 January. I made the required monthly payments of £121.96 as requested . The projection was $1355.20 per year,or £106 per month and the payments I made exceeded that amount comfortably.. However, although the statement dated 5 June showed an amount of £220.75, the statement on 6 July declared a debit balance of £165.93. I was told that the amounts interpreted were not surplus, and that I was in debit. No adjustment had been requested to my monthly payments, to cover the discrepancy, and no distinction was made to show the difference between outstanding and surplus amounts. I shall now change my supplier at the nearest opportunity

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