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Penelope's complaint against Butler Fuels

Penelope Leonard


Failure to bring key to unlock my tank on 3 separate occasions.

Complaint against Butler Fuels

Account No. 9960208 I am writing to your depot in Devizes and yourselves as a very last resort. About a year ago I had a new oil tank. It has a lock on it which can only be undone with a key. When my first delivery was made, the driver suggested that I gave him a key so that he could take it back to Devizes and brought out the next time a delivery was made. He assured me that they key would be perfectly safe in your office and that other people did this. So I gave him a key only to find that, when he next delivered the key, he hadn't got it. I had to remind him that it was he that suggested that he took the key back to Devizes as he seemed to have a lapse in memory about this. However, it was lucky that I was at home and able to supply him with my remaining key to unlock it. Some months later I saw him in the lane delivering to another customer and reminded him that he had to bring my key the next time and he assured me that he would. So, the next time a delivery was due to be made I felt confident enough to go out and do my shopping secure (or thought I was secure) in the knowledge that the driver would be bringing my key with the oil. However, by mid-day it still hadn't been delivered so I rang Cheltenam and they said that it hadn't been delivered because there was no access. I said that was ridiculous - my access is probably the easiest one you have in Upton Lovell - and of course your staff finally admitted that it wasn't delivered because the driver hadn't brought the key !! I was very upset and angry and spoke to more than one of the staff in Cheltenham who assured me that they had been in touch with your depot and the oil would be delivered the following Monday and, this time, they would have the key. They were so confident about this that I felt quite sure all would be well. So the following Monday - the 24th April - I went out and did my shopping early and luckily got back before the delivery was made because, guess what, the driver had come without the key !!! This time I was more or less speechless. The driver was new to me and I do not want to get him into trouble because it wasn't his fault. He said that the drivers do not get to see the delivery instructions until they have LEFT the depot which seems ridiculous because in order to bring the key they have to see the instructions BEFORE they leave the depot. Anyway, luckily I had got back from Warminster in time and I was able to unlock the tank and the driver was able to put the oil in. As you can imagine, I was again very angry, but did not ring Cheltenham because, despite speaking to two or three people previously who were all very anxious to sort the problem out, they seemed powerless to do so. Unless you can give me good reason to believe that my key will definitely come with my next delivery, I must ask you to send my key back to me. There seems to be no reason for it to remain at your Depot. I will just have to unlock the tank on the morning of the day the delivery is coming and lock it again after the driver has gone. What puzzles me most is why the original driver was so insistent that he should take the key back in the first place. I shall be glad to hear from you.

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