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Justin's complaint against Butler Fuels

Justin Desai


[RESOLVED] - Oil Tariff Pricing

Complaint against Butler Fuels

Dear Sir / Madam, This is an issue I have raised before (account # 9632468). In summary I currently pay by Direct Debit and have my oil delivery once a month. This is convenient for me but I believe also gives you advance notice of when delivery is due and equally importantly allows you to schedule your delivery at a time that is most efficient / cost effective for yourselves. As I see it you have 30 days notice that a delivery is required. However after seeing the price charged today ((39.83 a litre ex VAT) I was disappointed to receive competitive quote of 39.5p for an emergency delivery or 31.37p for a standard delivery. This is not the first time I have raised this issue and following my last conversation I was assured / have trusted Butler to provide a competitive quote. Whilst I may not appreciate the many nuances of your industry I find it difficult to believe that you are an energy company that seems unable to put me onto the most cost-effective tariff. I spoke to a helpful gentleman today who has arranged credit but on this particular delivery I feel I have been overcharged by circa £35. After placing my trust in your company (having raised the same issue before and being assured that I would be going onto a ‘special rate’) I am concerned that I have now been overcharged for a number of months. I also do not wish to have to check every single invoice and go through this same process. I pay by DD for simplicity and would even consider a small premium for the peace of mind. However at present the premium is excessive and there has been no improvement in my peace of mind – quite the opposite in fact. I would be grateful if you could explain to me in simple terms how this can be possible and what steps (if any) can be taken to rectify this persistent issue? I would also appreciate you looking back through my account to see how much I may have been overcharged since I am certain you will have historical competitive pricing data available which will allow you to benchmark against the industry

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Butler Fuels resolved this complaint

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Justin Desai | | VERIFIED

I have spoken with Dee who was supportive and dealt with my complaint both professionally & diligently. I sincerely hope that the steps we have agreed will ensure no further repeat
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