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lorraine's complaint against First Utility

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Energy door step selling

Complaint against First Utility

I am writing about the recent experience regarding energy selling to my 84 year old mothers home. My mother moved to her property 12th March 2018, and I look after all her affairs, a very polite young man came to her door, introduced himself and told her he could maybe reduce her energy bills. he asked to see a recent bill, as she had just moved into the property only had a new contract with SSE that I set up. she showed him the contract, he said based on her previous consumption he could reduce her bills by x amount of £'s, at least she had her marbles that day and asked him to call back as I was due to visit an hour later. The guy returned and was smartly dressed, polite with an ID badge. He started to explain how much he could save on my mothers bills. I questioned him regards the saving and how he reached that saving, I explained that mum had only been in the property 6 weeks, I then asked how much First Utility' daily standing charges were for each different tariffs. I used to work n the energy industry, admittedly nearly 15years ago. but understood the unit prices and daily standing charge do not mean savings. I was cross at the young man for stating he could make savings on something that he had no knowledge of what her past or future consumption was or is. What makes me more annoyed is that the scheme my mother now lives is for over 60's many who are in their 80's. The door to door cold calling is back, and nothing has changed, the energy companies are back preying on the elderly, vulnerable or public who are not fully conversant with the dealing of the energy companies and varying unit prices versus daily standing charges and comparing tariff prices.

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