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Robert's complaint against First Utility

Robert Young


[RESPONDED] Failed to set up a direct debit after 6 months and many attempts, poor customer service

Complaint against First Utility

First Utility have been unable to set up DD payments for my account. I've tried four times, both online and through customer support on the phone. I've been told everything was fine and payments were being taken, despite being able to see that they weren't. The details given are verified correct, and I've been told the problem stems from an incorrect reference number at their end... though they've not managed to correct the problem. I've received letters and emails demanding payment after being told all was well. I've wasted a lot of time and made many phone calls and still do not have payment set up correctly on my account.

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First Utility has responded

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A Spokesman Said Support | | VERIFIED

We encourage First Utility to answer Robert's concerns directly through this platform. The customer has specified that they have already tried the channels First Utility have mentioned, and not received a satisfactory response. He has requested a straight answer on A Spokesman Said, and we urge First Utility to respect this. Any details you may need from Robert to resolve this issue, can be sent through our private message feature. Best of luck sorting this out guys.

Robert Bailey | | VERIFIED

That doesn't sound good at all Robert! We'd really like to try and get this all sorted for you. Could you email us at [email protected]? Alternatively, you can call us on 01926320700 or Tweet us at @FirstUtility ...We look forward to hearing from you!

Robert Young | | VERIFIED

I have called, many times... wasting a lot of my time. I've been dealing with Devon, he's very nice but has failed to solve the problem. I also emailed you this morning, and tweeted.

Robert Bailey | | VERIFIED

Hi Robert, I completely understand your frustration! I'm currently working on the Twitter feed and look forward to receiving your tweet! Hoping to get this resolved for you as soon as I can.

Robert Young | | VERIFIED

I've been dealing with Devon Rosenblatt in your Contact Case Specialist Team; he's failed to solve the problem after more than month. He called a few days ago to tell me everything was fine now, but it isn't... my latest DD failed and I don't know why.

Robert Bailey | | VERIFIED

Hi Robert, I believe this has now been resolved via the contact centre. Again, I'm so sorry for the problems you encountered the first time around, but I hope it has all been sorted for you. If there is anything else I can help with, then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Robert Young | | VERIFIED

A resolution has been promised, but as you've broken many promises to date I'll remain skeptical until delivered! I'm sure you understand.
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