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Imani's complaint against First Utility

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First Utilities Now Shell

Complaint against First Utility

I joined First Utilities last November, and regretted that day since. I started of paying £64 a month. This carried for 2 months and I questioned the bank, and will have them contact me. Yes they had my phone number but they failed to communicate. I decided to call them in December, they recognised I stopped the payment and began the estimate my bills, despite being on the phone, going outside and carrying a ladder inside the house. I gave them the readings. I also completed their system a few times to give them the correct readings and correct them online too, if I made a mistake. February arrives and I get a £286 bill can I pay all now or set up a payment, I said £85 and questioned them. They state I did not give reading and these are estimate bills, as I forgot to send the correct bills on the dates required and we shall also charge you with £5 for being late???? Wow 😮 First Utilities now become Shell.... When I call in and spoke to customer services who say they care if your struggling. Hey am struggling and sent them photographs of my utilities and all my 17/18 health issues. Am waiting and waiting and waiting to receive the correct bill, all got ignored. My case has been escalated in the Complaints, for being behind on your bills an they want all the money. No matter what you say, they change their story stating we want a reading of Utilities on the 6th and we are on the 8th day. Excuse me, I was told the 16th now your changing the days to suit yourself. I climbed out of bed, got dressed gave both utilities and they say okay your bills are £286 am sorry, I received a bill of £29 and last month it was £38. So the estimate is times 10 of what you use. Having spoken to the resolution team who offered me £30 and asked me the amount to offer me. I stated. £150 they laughed at me and said no we cannot offer that. So why ask me? Then the offered me £50, my bills have been excessively charged from £29 to £286 why? Am not paying them more than £40, when the bill of £286 arrived, I stupidly said take £85 and the did this twice. So far they too £64 twice and £85 twice. I asked the Resolutions Team, so how much has my bill been since starting with you it’s £286, but I paid money to take off no that doesn’t matter we want what we say we want. I rang the First Utility team, recording says are you calling from Citizens Advise Bureau and the telephonists reminds me ALL stated my bills were all estimated. Resolution Team states they are actual bills I produced. Okay send me the invoices. The invoices state if I leave the company I must pay £75 per fuel and when I started it was £30 per fuel..... On Monday the 8th April, I spoke to Resolution Team as all the want is to get readings everytime we talk. I resisted at first then I got dressed, went outside and used a ladder inside and gave readings. Friday arrives and She’ll state they want readings are overdue via email. I contacted C.A.B. and all who cares about Utilities to get help as these people are harrassing me and bullying me to be lied to and pay Estimates, not actual reading and chose whatever day to say I owe them money randomly.... I do not recommend anyone join First Utilities now Shell....

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