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Gareth's complaint against First Utility

Gareth Codd


[RESPONDED] No bill for 5 months, and wildly innaccurate usage statistics despite submitting monthly readings

Complaint against First Utility

Despite numerous assurances from First Utility that the issue is being resolved, I have not had a bill now for 5 months. I submit monthly readings to ensure I am correctly billed, yet the system is no longer generating my bills. The statistics on the website show that I am using 50 to 100 times as much electricity as I am actually using. This is extremely frustrating. But even more frustrating is that I receive no updates or courtesy calls to inform me what they are doing about it, instead just giving false promises that it's being sorted and that the system will sort itself out within the next few days.

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Robert Bailey | | VERIFIED

That doesn't sound good at all Gareth! We'd really like to try and get this all sorted for you. Could you email us at [email protected]? Alternatively, you can call us on 01926320700 or Tweet us at @FirstUtility ...We look forward to hearing from you!

Gareth Codd | | VERIFIED

Well, the latest is that FIrst Utiity have screwed up again. For the fifth month in a row you have messed the bill up, this time issuing me with a £900 electricity bill for March. I've been advised that it will be yet another month before it might be fixed, when my next bill is meant to be issued. This is the final straw, and I have now reported first utility to OFGEM to investigate this matter. I have also processed a switch back to British Gas, and hope this is completed soon.
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