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Daniel's complaint against First Utility

Daniel Moore


[LAPSED] Not received any bills since switching, no replies to my comms.

Complaint against First Utility

Firstly, during switching (march/April 2015) first utility 'lost me' for a period of time. After several attempts to contact them to sort this, the process was restarted. However, for whatever reason, I ended up in a very long cooling off period, another fault by first utility. Since then, I received emails from them etc. I have given meter readings every month as asked, however not been billed at all yet, or as far as I know paid my final payment to my previous supplier (Scottish power). I have tried numerous times to contact via email and have sat on hold many times with no response. I have read reviews online for them and have seen that numerous people have had the same situation, then been billed for the whole year at the end. I simply cannot afford this as we pay bills etc weekly as needed and a massive bill at the end would be horrendous. As far as I am concerned I have done all I can to pay them, and they are breaching the contract as a monthly payment plan was agreed when joining. Any adcixe /guidance muchly appreciated.

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Lapsed. Daniel has not responded in 90 days

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Robert Bailey | | VERIFIED

Hi Daniel, this really isn't what I like to hear! Could you send me an email with your account information (account number, full name & postal address) to [email protected]? I can look into this right away. ^Sophie
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