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Domi's complaint against Utilita

Domi Alexander


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Complaint against Utilita

Installed meters yesterday. After all the norm no standing charge etc. Tried downloaded app it stated we have emailed a code which you will need no email tried another 5 times nothing phoned customers services only took an hour to get through to be told iPhone 8 does not receive our emails you will have to log in on a desktop. Today at 10 o’clock logged into desktop 5 emails from the middle of the night so took the last one and used the code. App said this code has expired. So tried again and waited at desktop an hour later email came put code in straight away same code has expired. So i thought will top up by phone so rang again went through all the various levels till finally asked for payment put my card details in and they rejected the expiry date which was right. So now third option online same as the app wait for code then code has expired. So now it’s a drive to top up . So I thought phone up and talk to anyway an hour and 30 minutes later I had to end the call. I then phoned avid energy app installed all sorted cheaper electric cheaper gas new meters to be fitted good bye Utilita please please please don’t waste your time

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