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Jodie's complaint against Utilita

Jodie Field


Left with out gas for 7 hours with children in the house

Complaint against Utilita

I recently had a smart meter fitted with utilita, I went and topped up and tried to enter the vend code, after a few failed attempts I spent 30 minutes on hold to customer services when I finally got thru the man told me to enter a code which he gave me then told me to press a then b which I did and it locked my meter, he said oh that’s not good there nothing I can do it could take up to an hour to midnight to unlock so he said to call back in an hour, an hour went by and I spent 3 hours on hold, when I finally got to speak to some one they said oh it’s a technical issue they put me thru to there technical team and yet again I was out on hold for an hour, then the phone line went dead, so I called back again and was on hold for another 1 1/2 hours as you can imagine with this cold weather having no heating,hot water or gas to cook on with 3 children in the house is ridiculous, after a grand total of 5 1/2 hours on hold some one called me back to say an engineer would be with me in 3 hours by this time it was 7pm and I’d had no gas since 12 noon, an engineer turned up to say the battery was flat in the meter even tho I had only had it fitted a couple of weeks ago, he put my credit on and in the space of 2 hours I’d used £3.64 gas just on heating.... how is that even possible, this company is a rip of and there customer service... well if you can call it that is outright disgusting.worst decision I ever made was going with utilita! They didn’t care that I had young children in the house or that I had no gas! To them I was just a number on the waiting calls list, disgusting

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jessica mahon | | VERIFIED

Utilita left me over night with no gas and i have 3 children in the house and they only gave me some gas because the extra care team from the cba contacted them they do not operate under ofgems rules and regulations they just do what they want i have a disabled daighter she is only 5 and the company still wanted me to go with out gas hopefuly they wont last much longer
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