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lee's complaint against Utilita

lee robinson


Scam Alert

Complaint against Utilita

SCAM ALERT!! Beware door to door sales agents from Utilita energy. They are visiting together housing properties and lying to tenants claiming that they have been contracted by together housing to fit smart meters to their properties. Only when challenged, the agent reluctantly admitted this would mean changing energy supply to their company. They proceeded to claim they would be cheaper without knowing who the existing supplier is, so they cannot possibly know if they will be or not. I then told them I wasn't interested and I wont entertain being put on the spot with deceitful or high pressure sales tactics. The agent then became aggressive towards myself and my partner who is a vulnerable person, only leaving when i demanded they leave before i threw them out of the apartment block myself. They are trying to scam people into unwittingly entering into a contract with them, in order to earn a commission. They were in Quarmby and Marlborough house today and are targeting homes in Elland, West Yorkshire.

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bob teh | | VERIFIED

tried similar with me. told me they are in charge of my meter and need to fit a smart meter. im not even with utilita. it obviously a scam to make me transfer to them.
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