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Roger's complaint against Utilita

Roger Addison


Smart Meter stopped working

Complaint against Utilita

I signed up to Utillita at the beginning of the year 2017 and received my smart meter and everything was working well, but in May of 2017 it stopped working so I contacted Utillita and said it had stopped working. They said they would send me out a new meter with an envelope to send the other one back. I was told it would take 2 weeks but after waiting over 4 months nothing arrived but they were charging me an extra £2.50 every time I topped up with £10 which I didn't understand. I finally called them and they were very apologetic and refunded me the money that they were charging me for the Smart meter that I hadn't received. They told me they would send me a box out and put a freeze on the charge for the box if I sent them back the old smart meter. The new box arrived and it all worked but there was no envelope to send the other meter back so I phoned up again and they said they would send me out an envelope, then they started to charge me again for the old box, so I phoned them up again and they said they were sorry and would put a freeze on the charge for 2 weeks while they sent me out a new envelope to send the meter back. The next day I received the free postage envelope and a couple of days later I sent it back making sure I had the receipt. Now iv just topped up £10 and they have taken the £2.50 yet again ? So I phone them up again speak to a young girl who is very apologetic as usual and keeps disappearing talking to somebody in charge and then get back to me 5 minutes later and says they haven't received the meter and do I have proof of sending it out. I told her that I had just sold my car and I think I left the post-office receipt in the old car. She then said without proof there is nothing they can do about it and I will be charged for the meter that I haven't got any more? I have to admit that I did swear at them and hung up the phone. I thought after having trouble with talktalk customer service that I couldn't have any more trouble than what I did with them but I was very wrong. It seems to be run by a bunch of incompetent idiots.

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