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Kerry's complaint against Utilita

Kerry Gray


Warm home discount

Complaint against Utilita

I applied for the warm home discount back in august/september 2017,as my claim came back unmatched,i was asked to send further proof of my benefit entitlement.I sent the proof by email and by post and was told by an advisor that they had been received and nothing further was needed.Having heard nothing by way of response over the next few months,i contacted utilita again only to be told my claim was still pending and they weren't sure why.More weeks passed and I'd still heard nothing neither by letter or email.I called again only to be told I needed to send more evidence of my higher rate benefit claim,i was never once contacted by utilita to say yet more proof was needed,and would never had known if I hadn't called them.This evidence was sent to them once again by email and I was told they had received it.Once again I didn't hear anything by way of response.After calling them again about this,i was told I had been unsuccessful.I have waited almost 6 months to be told this and I'm very dissapointed by the fact I had to contact utilita to find out what was going on as they never once sent an email or letter.I also sent an email of complaint and was told to wait 5 days for a response that never came.I am very angry that no effort was made by utilita to contact me regarding this,i am now looking to switch supplier.

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Gail Jones | | VERIFIED

Utilia are useless. No help or support to loyal customers. Ive applied now for 5 years for whd and been turned down every year . Corrupt company.
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